Thursday, March 23, 2017

Powerful Jewess Ginsburg went to South Korea to 'make an offer Koreans cannot refuse'.

Powerful Jewess Ginsburg went to South Korea to 'make an offer Koreans cannot refuse'.  She will push radical feminism and 'gay marriage' on South Korea.  As Joe Biden said, 85% of the 'gay' agenda was pushed by Jews who control media, entertainment, politicians, and finance. Since Jews spread homomania as the new ideology of the US, it's only natural that it must also be spread to South Korea, a running dog stooge of US imperialism that is now owned by Jews.

In a nutshell, Ginsburg-ism says American Jews know best and South Korea exists only to take 'advice' and orders from America. Koreans can't figure out anything for themselves. They must obey Americans, especially Jewish Americans.


If indeed America is so much about equality, will South Koreans ask why US university system racially discriminates against Asians? Will South Koreans ask why US favors Zionist imperialism over helpless Palestinians? Ginsburg herself is a Zionist. Will South Koreans ask why US and Israel made a bloody mess of Libya and armed terrorist rebels in Syria, thereby turning that country into a burning hell? Will South Koreans ask why Iran was punished with sanctions for decades even though it didn't invade other countries and has no nukes whereas Israel has been showered with billions in aid despite its having 200 illegal nukes and banning all international inspections and its constant acts of aggression against neighboring nations?
Will South Koreans ask why US, supposedly a land of the free, now forces every pastry baker to make 'gay wedding cakes' (or else be sued and ruined) and why people are fired from jobs and destroyed for opposing 'gay marriage'?
South Koreans should ask, do Ginsburg and Jews like her wish that South Korea too will force 'gay marriage' on the entire populace and destroy, fire, and blacklist decent Koreans who will continue to oppose the radical re-definition of marriage(that was spearheaded by Jews)? Will South Koreans ask why 'marriage equality' applies to homosexuals but not to incest-sexuals and polygamists? So much for 'equality'?
Will South Koreans ask why, in a nation that is only 2% Jewish, Jews own 90% of the media? Will South Koreans ask why US preaches about equality but favors Israel over all other nations? Will South Koreans ask why every US Congressman must sign a pledge to AIPAC? Will South Koreans ask why journalists Rick Sanchez and Helen Thomas were fired and blacklisted for being critical of Jewish power in the media? Will South Koreans ask why every Fed chairmen has been a Jew as far as anyone can remember? Will South Koreans ask why Jews are 25% of the Harvard student body even though Jews are only 5% of the US white population? White gentile representation of Harvard is only 20% even though white gentiles are 95% of the white population.
Will South Koreans ask why the US pushes the 'gay agenda' on South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan --- the three puppets of the US --- but not on Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, and other nations?
Will South Koreans ask why US finally resolved issues with Iran and Cuba but not with North Korea? Isn't it because American Jews hate North Korea for having been allies with 'enemies' of Israel and because US desires a permanent division of Korea so that South Korea will remain a puppet client of the US? US opposes unification of Korea because it doesn't want to see the rise in Korean nationalism under unification and a unified Korea growing closer to China. Also, a unified Korea will mean US will no longer have a reason to station troops on the Asian continent.

But South Koreans, being dogs of the Jewish-and-homosexual controlled US, will not ask any such questions. Being good dogs, they will take a subservient position and sit quietly and wag their tails while taking advice --- orders --- from Ginsburg, a powerful Jew, the likes of whom now order all bakeries to be fined and destroyed for not making 'gay wedding cakes' in America. South Koreans and Koream journal's position are quite clear: Jews in America are morally and politically and culturally superior. Koreans are backward and inferior. So, when powerful Jews come to Korea and lecture about 'human rights', Koreans should shut up and listen and take orders. In other words, Koreans are nothing but yellow dogs.

By the way, do Korean judges and leaders come to the US to lecture Americans about 'superior' Korean values and morality? No. Do Koreans go to Israel to tell Jews what to do? No.
Koreans like to mind their own business and respect other nations and their values.
But these Jews think they have the right to come to Korea and lecture Koreans to do as America does because, presumably, South Korea has no values and culture of its own. These Jews, the most unequal and most privileged people in America, dare lecture Koreans about 'equality'.

If Koreans have guts, they should ask this to Ruth Baird Ginsburg:

"Ms. Ginsburg, Koreans were under Japanese colonialism for over three decades. During most of this time, US sided with Japan and supported Japan's rule over Korea. The only reason why US later 'liberated Korea' is because US got into a war with Japan. When Korea was under Japanese rule, no one around the world stood up for Koreans even though Korea was being wiped off the map. Jews didn't champion Korea either. Since the end of WWII, Palestine has been colonized by Jewish Zionist imperialists. Palestinians have been crushed, ethnically cleansed, and they still live under oppression. But the world is silent. Jews use their immense power of media, finance, and politics in the US to drive American foreign policy into supporting Zionist oppression and occupation of Palestine. And because South Koreans are dependent and slavish puppets of the US, they say nothing about the great injustice, even though Palestinians got it worse under Jews than Koreans got it under the Japanese. Ms. Ginsburg, since you love to talk about 'human rights', how do you feel about the ongoing oppression of Palestinians? How do you feel about American Jews using the full might of the US power to aid and abet Israel's colonization of Palestine? And Ms. Ginsburg, do you know that Korea is a divided country because FDR/Truman cut it like a cake and handed half to Stalin to do as he pleased? Koreans had no choice when this happened, just like Palestinians had no choice when the US and USSR decided to aid and abet the Zionist takeover of Palestine. What will US do to fix what it broke? US divided Korea in half, so what will it do bring it together again? Will US own up to what it did, or will it continue to increase tensions between the Koreas in order to permanently keep South Korea as its client state? And if you want to spread human rights, why don't you go to Israel and tell the Jews to own up to what they did to Palestinians. Recently in the bombing of Gaza, 1000s of women and children were killed and maimed. What have you got to say about that as a Jew? And how do you feel about the fact that the Jewish-controlled US fully backed the Zionist mass killing of Palestinians and offered zero condolences to Palestinians? Does a nation like the US have a right to be lecturing other nations about 'human rights'? You say 'gay marriage' is about human rights, but how come you don't push incest marriage? After all, if marriage should be defined by individuals in their own way, why shouldn't a brother marry a sister, mother marry a son, etc? Why favoritism for homosexuals but not for incest-sexuals? Isn't it because homosexuals are the main political and economic allies of Jews? Wall Street, Las Vegas, Walmart, Koch Brothers, Sheldon Adelson, Hollywood, and etc are all for 'gay marriage' because homosexuals are close allies of the globalist oligarchic class. So, 'marriage equality' applies to them but not to incest-sexuals. It's about homo-privilege, not about equality. Only homos, among sexual deviants, are given the right to change the meaning of marriage. And you American Jews seek to spread 'gay marriage' as a proxy of globalist Americana imperialism. You want Korean homos to serve as globalist collaborators promoting globalist interest over national interests. Also, Americans have gutless and imitative Korean-Americans to serve as your lackeys and running dogs. But this is nothing new. During Japanese rule, lots of Koreans studied in Japan, adopted Japanese values and ideology, and sought to impose Japan-ism on Korea. And had Japan and US not ended up fighting one another, Japan would have finished the job, Korea would have been culturally wiped off the map, and US would have supported Japan as an ally, just like US aided and abetted the Zionist imperialist colonization of Palestine."

A person of real integrity would ask that question, but of course, South Koreans, being lapdogs and running dogs, will not. They are cultural slaves and agree with Koream Journal that South Korea is inferior to America, therefore the ONLY WAY South Korea can make progress is by mindlessly obeying and following the US. South Korean elites and Koream Journal don't defend Korea from US, the sole superpower. They serve as collaborators of US cultural imperialism; they are stupid enough to swallow the lie that US stands for 'human rights'. Just ask anyone who was fired, blacklisted, and fired in the US for refusing to bake 'gay wedding' cakes or for criticizing 'gay marriage'. In America, you don't get anywhere IF you're critical of Jewish power or Homosexual power. Some freedom. Some equality. Some human rights. A nation where one must slavishly praise and obey a certain group is not a real democracy. US is now an oligarchy as a Princeton Study showed.

But according to trashy and crass Koream Journal, US is so ahead of everyone else because of its open sewage porn culture, rap gangsta culture, invention of 'twerking', worship of trans-sexuals like Bruce 'Caitlyn' Jenner, tattoo mania, body piercing, out-of-wedlock births, racial tensions, foreign policy that destroys the entire Middle East and messed up Ukraine, and etc.
So, South Korea will have made great progress when Koreans have tattoos all over, pierce their noses, worship transsexuals, celebrate homosexuality and sodomy among men, cheer on Israel's ongoing oppression of Palestinians, and wag their tails and roll over at the behest of their Jewish masters.

Ginsburg isn't going to South Korea to advise. She is really offering an ultimatum. It's a case of "making an offer that South Koreans cannot refuse." Jews fixed it in the US so that one must be pro-homo to do business. And Jews like Ginsburg are saying that in order for South Korea to do business in the US, it has to follow the US social model.

Koreans. What a bunch of worthless and slavish yellow dogs.

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