Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Another Asian complaint sounds like Dean Van Nguyen bullshit

This article reads like the Irish Nguyen stuff about how Irish aren’t ‘racist’ against Asians but still are against blacks.
But this is a double-edged sword.
It is true that whites notice blackness more than yellowness. White feel more threatened by blackness. But also more fascinated and excited by blackness. So, there is more loathing but also more admiration, esp in sports, music, and sex.
In contrast, Asians are ‘invisible’. Whites see Asian-ness as a nonentity. Given the two Seoul Brothers, Brothas Jay and Alvin who posture as honorary egg-Negrolls, it seems even Asians find Asian-ness too bland and dorky for identity. The fact that so many Asians get plastic surgeries(to look white) and ape rappers(to seem black and cool) would indicate that they too have no use for Asian-ness as an identity.
So, in a way, greater white acceptance of yellowness as an invisibility could be seen as a different kind of ‘racism’. A ‘racism’ of indifference and benign neglect.
It’s like humans will notice bears and wolves more than rabbits and pigeons. So, one could argue they are more wary of such predatory animals. Meanwhile, they are more accepting of pigeons and rabbits in human habitats. BUT, one could argue that humans also notice wolves and bears more due to greater fascination as out of fear. Sure, humans fear being mauled by bears or attacked by wolves, but they also respect the power of such animals. In contrast, humans hardly even notice pigeons and rabbits.
The Irish case with Nguyen was instructive. It didn’t occur to the moron that, in some ways, the Irish are more admiring of Negroes than of Nguyens of the world. Indeed, the same could be said of Nguyen himself. How many Irish are interested in Vietnamese history, culture, music, sports, sex(unless it’s some me-so-horny whore in Saigon)? But plenty of Irish are into black sports and music. And some Irish women are into jungle fever. Indeed, judging by Nguyen’s own culture page, it seems 90% of his interest is rap and black culture. So, the Irish NOTICE blackness as something dangerous but also admirable, indeed admirable because of its danger quotient. In contrast, Irish accept Nguyen with yawning boredom because his dorky half-yellow butt is so dull and non-threatening.
Also, what we need is true race-ism, what I believe in, in order to understand reality.
Race means race, ism means belief, and race + ism should mean belief in races and racial differences. And the fact is EVERYONE IS REALLY A RACE-IST since they notice race and racial differences all the time. Never mind what they say or consciously claim to believe due to PC training. The fact is they see race and racial differences in sports, music, streets, schools, neighborhoods, buses, sex industry, music, crime, and choice of mates. When a white woman goes off with a Negro, she is noticing the big negro. When a yellow woman goes off with white guy, she sees something superior to yellow geek. When whites listen to black music but blacks ignore white music, it means black music has more Power content. Is it any wonder that both whites and blacks have no use for yellow music? As Rock and Pop is all about instant-power, volume and intensity matter.
And as David Cole said in a Taki column, lots of white people and Jews in Los Angeles prefer Mexicans(even illegal ones) to blacks because browns are smaller and commit less crime than big black thugs. They notice race.
We see Jews dominant in brainy endeavors. We see blacks dominant in brawny endeavors. We see black bullying dominant in schools.
And gentrification.. how can that not be about race?
Is America race-ist? Yes. How can it not be race-ist when there are different races with racial differences that lead to different attitudes and behaviors?
Also, Jeff Guo’s article only validates just another race-ist fact. Yellows tend to be servile, slavish, and unoriginal. And Guo’s piece is just one more PC tripe. It doesn’t expand the Narrative and certainly doesn’t challenge it. It’s the same crap. Yellows are such teachers pets who spew out the same crap drummed into their heads by professors and media overlords. This is why Asians entering journalism is terrible. As loyal servile dogs of PC, they will just bark according to command. Even as Asians bitch about ‘white racism’, all their ideas were put inside their skulls by white proggy professors.
Everyone is a race-ist. The only difference is there are honest candid race-ists such as myself and disingenuous race-ists like most other people.
In everything that people do — school, walking the streets, searching for sexual mates, and etc. — , there is a racial factor. People notice racial differences because they exist and are so obvious.
Now, media can affect people’s views, but reality eventually comes around to disabuse of us our illusions. TV and movies present most street thugs as white, but most Americans know that blacks are more likely to be thugs. I mean it is so obvious.
While there is the Asian geek stereotype, there is also the Asian martial arts kung fu mofo stereotype, and this ‘chinaman’ can whup 100 guys at once.
There are tons of these movies, and Bruce Lee is one of the most famous icon. So is Jackie Chan. But based on school and street experience, most Americans don’t see Asians are invincible badass warriors. In reality, most Americans know Asians are not kung fu supermen.
Btw, as long as these yellows keep bitching about white nations, do they ever ask themselves why they left their ancestral lands behind forever to come to live in the West? And why didn’t they choose non-white nations for destinations? Why were white nations their favored destinations? Isn’t that ‘racist’?
And if Asian-ness is so important to them, why bring their kids to a place where their kids will lose language, lose identities, lose connection to their own peoples, have their kids(especially daughters) intermarry, and etc?
Why do they bitch so much about what whites think about them when they must have pretty low opinions of their own kind to have left their homelands forever, abandoned their own identities, and hopefully marry with whites and have white-looking kids.
One thing for sure… blacks were brought here by force. And American Indians were invaded by force. But Asians were not forced to come to white nations. They chose to flee their own kind. They rejected their own kind. They fled from their peoples and decided to say good bye to their tombs of their ancestors. They gave up their own cultures. They offered their kids to foreigners for marriage.
So, why are they bitching about white attitudes about them when they don’t seem to even care for their own people and culture?
As for the Model Minority thing, it’s an excuse trotted out over and over.
The fact is it never mattered.
The reason why Asians made rapid progress after WWII is because US became a rich nation. When people do better, they become more generous. Things were tough for most whites for most of US history even if US was a richer nation than most. Most Americans were not middle class until after WWII when a huge boom happened.
As whites got richer, they just became mellower and nice. Full stomachs, freedom, and opportunities do that to a people. That’s why Civil Rights movement happened during the boom yrs. And since there was more for everyone in a full employment economy, Asians find their footing too during this time.
Also, model minority cult or not, Asian norms were simply different from those of other groups. Why should this surprise us? All groups are different. Even among whites, Italian-Americans acted differently from Irish Americans who were different from Jewish Americans and Swedish-Americans. Even if the model minority thing had never existed, the results would have been the same.
Asian Norm just isn’t very intense and threatening because they are a smaller people, less loud in voice, and less crazy in style. Indeed, even if Asians decided to act angry and put on Yellow Lives Matter protest, most people would be bored because they find Asians not very threatening or exciting.
The funny thing is, even when Asians protest the ‘model minority’ cult, they do in such a Model Minority way. They remain well-mannered and act like they wanna discuss this issue over tea than act crazy and riot like Negroes and burn down cities. “Model minority idear no good. Chinese people not all hard working. Some lazy and stupid. Lookie out window. That guy have tattoo. He no go good college.” Yeah, sure.
Another thing. This ‘model minority’ cult is now kept alive by Asians. I haven’t seen or heard a white person mention Asian Model Minority in ages.
If anything, given the current trashy culture, blacks are seen as the New Model Minority cuz they can rap, dance, do sports, and hump everything in sight.
Given that the New Morality is all about Victimhood, Blacks and whichever group that is most vocal in bitching(esp homos) and howling is considered the Most Model. Notice Trump bashes China, the land of industrious folks, but praises the Loud and Fearsome Negro.
So, this Asian bitching about ‘Model Minority’ seems to be about their envy and resentment that they are not considered as part of the New Model Minority that favors blacks above other people.
Asians may think this has to do with MLK and Civil Rights, and it does to some extent.
But it’s really because reality is race-ist.
As Sailer wrote in Plaques for Blacks, the white fascination and preference for blacks is racial. After all, American Indians, racial cousins of Asians, have a very compelling narrative of defeat and oppression, but whites no longer care about them — though, once in awhile, they make feel good-movies like DANCES WITH WOLVES(apparently because even wolves dance better than Indians).
Asians get no respect because they are racially not as threatening as blacks are. That is the paradox of American moral politics. Whites fear blacks more, but the fear factor also fuels the greater fascination and admiration. Blacks dominate the streets as thugs but also the sports fields as heroes and gods to cucked out whites.
“In contrast, white Americans used to take the complaints of American Indians more seriously. And indeed, Indians have much to legitimately gripe about regarding life on reservations such as Pine Ridge. But in recent years, as whites have become ever more amused by blacks, white concern for Indians has diminished. Native Americans, with their plodding dance rhythms, athletic stiffness, and lack of a gift of gab, have increasingly vanished from American consciousness. They now appear to strike whites less as noble and tragic than as depressing and tedious compared with those always entertaining blacks.”
It’s like what the black guy says to Archie Bunker in this scene: “It’s all medicine.”
When it comes to social reality, it is all race, and when one notices races, it is all race-ism. The question is, are you are a honest race-ist or true race-ist or a dishonest or disingenuous racist like most people?

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