Saturday, April 15, 2017

Koreans need to create and own the NARRATIVE of the Korean War and what came after

"All this craziness would be ended if the US signed a peace treaty with North Korea ending the first Korean War and opened up diplomatic and commercial relations. No need for war or missile threats. North Korea is a horrid, brutal regime. But so is Egypt, whose tin pot dictator was wined and dined by Trump last week."

The problem is Koreans are dogs. They have no agency.

If Koreans were Jews, they would have owned the Narrative and applied moral pressure on the US long ago. After all, Jews came to own the WWII narrative. Jews spun it to serve their own passions and interests. Jewish Narrative goes as follows: Because of Western complicity in the Holocaust, the West MUST support Israel, creation and preservation(and even expansion). Also, even though the US narrative is "Americans defeated Nazi Germany and made the world safe for freedom", the Jewish narrative is "America didn't act fast enough to stop Hitler, and that is why so many Jews died."
Jews have this Chosen People mentality, and they feel as the axis of the world. Others must revolve around them and serve them. Also, they are great storytellers, and they told their own stories and narrative of WWII. So, Jews own the moral narrative of WWII.

Koreans could easily own the narrative of the Korean War. But Koreans are, by nature, doggish. For 1000s of yrs, they've been dogs to big China. Their mentality is to serve the Great Power. When Japan took over Korea, most Koreans were servile collaborators and served Japan. When Japan lost and US became the big power in south, South Koreans became dogs of the US, and North Koreans became dogs of Soviets. (Korean War and Chinese intervention made North Korea less slavish to USSR. Unlike South Korea that had only one master, North Korea had two and played a game of leaning one way or another.) Because of their slavish mentality, most North Koreans became mindless dogs of North Korean elite. And because of its slavish mentality, South Korea became a dog of the US as its master and lord. To be sure, there was a large left-nationalist anti-American movement in South Korea in its early yrs. They caused trouble and had to be wiped out in the tune of 100,000s. At any rate, the elites of South Korea became as much collaborators to US empire as Korean elites under Japanese had been collaborators of Japanese empire. When Japanese empire sent Koreans to kill Chinese, Koreans did. When US empire sent Koreans to kill Vietnamese, Koreans did. And Korea also took part in the invasion of Iraq. Dogs.

There was a strong anti-American protest movement for awhile, and eventually democracy was achieved, but this made South Korea even more slavish to the US. When South Korea was military dictatorship, many Koreans resisted US influence as the power behind the political tyranny. But once South Korea got democracy with approval from the US, the resistance grew weaker and weaker. When Koreans equated US with support of military rule, they were more critical of American power. But now that Koreans equate their democracy with US Power, they have become totally uncritical of US rule. (Also, institutionalization of Korea made people more robot-like, especially with advent with internet and its hive culture.) Today, South Korea has no vision of itself except as an imitation of the US, even in multi-culti madness and feminism. It even has 'gay pride parades'. Korean mentality is US KNOW BEST, like the TV show 'Father Knows Best'. Whatever US does, it must be good, so Korea must follow? 'Gay marriage' in the US? It must be good! Korea must follow because Korea is inferior and just a dog of the US.

Because of such slavish mentality, Koreans never came to own the Korean War Narrative. North Korean version is just a pile of horse-dung. It's cult of Kim Dynasty. But South Korean narrative is hardly better. According to the SK narrative, US is the wonderful and noble friend-ally-savior that protected the South from the North. The South also praises the US for having liberated Korea from Japanese rule.
South Koreans stick with narrative that flatters the US while reducing itself to the damsel in distress saved by Uncle Sam. This makes South Koreans feel indebted to the US. This makes them feel morally inferior and forever in debt to Uncle Sam as god.

But the US narrative on Korea is mostly baloney. The 'liberation' was phony. Indeed, true liberation didn't happen. Also, it was an accident of history. The US had no interest in human rights for Korea. Theodore Roosevelt praised Japan's invasion of Korea. Woodrow Wilson ignored Korean pleas for national sovereignty. The tacit agreement between Japan and US was "We Americans take Philippines, and you Japanese take Korea. Wink-wink."

And even when FDR pressed Japan, the condition was Japan could keep Manchuria, Korea, and Taiwan. There was no US concern for rights of Koreans.
It was because of the war with Japan that the US found itself playing the role of 'liberator' of Asia from evil Japanese. So, what was America's idea of liberating Asia? It asked the USSR to invade and take over North Asia. FDR also offered Stalin all of Korea, a plan later amended by Truman whereby Korea was to be divided among superpowers like Poland was divided by Nazi Germany and USSR to kick off WWII. Imagine that. WWII began with Nazi Germany and USSR dividing Poland(an innocent nation), and it ended with USSR and US diving Korea, another innocent nation. (US and USSR also played games in Palestine, thus leading to Zionist imperialist takeover and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians whose fate is worse than Koreans under Japanese rule).

US narrative would have us believe that Korea got divided by some accident: Somehow, US and USSR ended up meeting the middle of Korea, and oh well, that's how Korea got divided. Not true. The USSR was initially reluctant to fight in Asia, especially as it had signed a peace treaty with Japan and also because Soviets had already lost 20 million in fighting Germans. It was the US that asked USSR to enter China and Korea. It was US decision that sealed the fate of Korea. And that was so-called 'liberation' for Korea. Korea got divided against its will, and the north came under occupation of Stalinist goons and the South came under occupation of US puppets. Some liberation! There was no real liberation. Korea will not be liberated until it is unified and US military moves out. Only then will Korea be truly free, united, and autonomous. The regime installed by Stalin still rules North Korea. So, North Korea is still poisoned by the Stalinist-Kim legacy. As for the South, it is still a whore-puppet of the US. South Korea claims to be democratic, but what good is a democracy when every leader elected by South Koreans is just another puppet-dog of the US(that is now controlled by Zionists and homos)? South Koreans don't elect leaders or true presidents. They elect puppets who take orders from the US. Also, South Korean elites are just like Korean elites during Japanese Colonialist period.

Back then, many Koreans went to Japan to study and served the Japanese Empire. They tried to convince Koreans to let go of their identity, culture, heritage, and patriotism. They urged Koreans to become globo-Japanese, or 'New Japanese', of the Greater East-Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere. Today, South Korean elites are collaborators of the Jewish-Homo-controlled US globalist empire. It copies, imitates, and obeys everything globo-American. So, if the US is about homo-worship, South Korea must follow. If the US is about black thug rap music, Koreans must imitate. If Hollywood promotes white beauty, then Korean women must dye their hair blonde and get plastic surgery to look white. If Western women are into slut culture and bitchy feminism, then Korean women do likewise.

Korean intellectual culture is a dog-like imitation of globalism. Jews control the West and promote multi-culturalism and diversity in order to weaken the native gentile majority. More diversity among gentiles means Jews can play divide-and-rule among them. The reason why British ruled India for so long was because India was diverse. Brits could pit one group against another. In contrast, Brits had a harder time ruling over China since Chinese were one people and united in opposition. Austro-Hungarian Empire also lasted a long time because of its diversity. The Austrian minority rulers, aided by Jews, played divide-and-rule among various groups. Naturally, Jewish globalists want to increase diversity in South Korea to weaken its nationalism. If South Korea fills up with non-Koreans, or 'New Koreans' as Korean collaborators call them, then the globalists can accuse South Korea of 'racism', 'intolerance' and etc. Thus morally bullied and paralyzed, South Korea will have to make more and more concessions. In time, it will end up like Sweden which is now falling apart. And London is now a Muslim city in huge areas. Both Sweden and UK took the advice of globalist Jews. Bad idea.

But these collaborator globo-Koreans have no vision of Korean survival or patriotism. They want to turn Korea into a copy of California. They see Korea only as a wanna-be-America, and they themselves are not true Koreans but wanna-be-Americans. (Indeed, the idea of a 'true Korean' is supposed to be 'racist' and offensive.) This is especially true of Korean women whose dream is to reject inferior Korean men and offer their wombs to superior men to produce babies for white men, Jewish men, and black men. This is globalism, and it will destroy Korea. Also, as South Korea becomes taken over by 'New Koreans' --- foreigners who come to Korea only for money and material interests --- , it will become racially, ethnically, and culturally so different from North Koreans that the two Koreas will never unite.
Even real Koreans in South Korea have lost a sense of connection with North Koreans. So, why would 'New Koreans' --- Indians, Burmese, Filipinos, Malaysians, Indonesians, Africans, etc --- feel any affinity and sense of shared identity with North Koreans? Korean-ness used to be about blood, roots, land, history, culture. It had rich and deep meaning. Now, it's all about materialism, pop culture(K-pop where Koreans go trans-racial with plastic surgery and blonde hair dyes), hedonism, and atomized individual. It is just a T-shirt than the body and soul. It's something Koreans can just take off and abandon as they move to America to become an American instead. And it's just something anyone can put on and become 'new Korean'. A once rich and deep identity has been turned into a piece of legal document. But then, Korean elites are now even saying illegal aliens in Korea should be 'new Koreans' and be given voting rights. South Korea has the lowest birthrate in the world, mass immigration, and emigration fever(as 80% of South Koreans want to abandon their identity, culture, and nation forever to take on new nationalities; Koreans don't see their nation as their sacred homeland but as a ghetto. So, Koreans should move to better nations like US, Canada, and Australia while South Korea is abandoned to other Asians and even Africans as 'new Koreans'; this is what happens when a people lose their sense of blood, land, history, and culture). This is a recipe for disaster. Globalism has cut Koreans from their roots. So, Koreans no longer see their nation as their sacred homeland in which their ancestors from time immemorial are buried. They just see it as real estate property, all about dollars and cents and factories and shops.
Japanese tried to wipe out Korean history, Korean identity, and Korean language, BUT things are worse now, and it is Koreans who are waging war on their own Korean-ness(not least in imitation of white nations that are also committed to racial suicide). Korean-globalist collaborators seek to dilute Korean identity to the point that anyone can become 'New Korean'. These Koreans tell other Asians to give up their identities and cultures and become 'New Korean'. And by weakening Korean-ness, they demoralize real Koreans who no longer feel special in their own nation. The idea of 'New Korean' means that real Koreans don't own Korea. After all, if anyone can come to Korea and become a 'New Korean', then Korea belongs to the world. There are 1.3 billion Chinese, 1.3 billion Indians, 220 million Indonesians, 85 million Vietnamese, and etc. South Korea's message to all those people is "come and take over our country and become 'new Koreans'". Koreans don't care because they no longer feel a deep ethnic, cultural, and historical connection to their land. Because younger generation of Koreans have been raised as globalists, most of them want to un-Koreanize themselves and become 'Americans', 'Australians', or 'Canadians'. And globalized Korean women now see their own men as inferior and dream of going to the West to use their wombs to produce babies for superior men, usually white, Jewish, or black.

Anyway, Koreans have failed to own the Narrative of the Korean War. It was a great crime and tragedy in which 3 million Koreans died. (Some estimates go as high as 4 million). And yet, Koreans rely on OTHER peoples to shape the narrative. It'd be like Jews depending on Germans and others to define WWII and the Holocaust.

The Korean War was like World War Three concentrated in a small peninsula. Though called 'Korean War', it wasn't just a civil war among Koreans. It was created by the division imposed by the US in collusion with USSR. Also, the US triggered the war by removing its troops from South Korea and then declaring to the world that it wouldn't defend South Korea. US did this with full knowledge that the North was amassing troops along the border.
In other words, US gave green light to Stalin, Mao, and Kim to take the South. So, the invasion began and the nation. Still, there was the hope for the unification of Korea, even if under a Stalinist regime. But then, the US decided to change its mind and enter the war.
In doing so, it committed a holocaust against Koreans with its massive air campaign that deliberately targeted mostly civilians. North Korea was a backward nation, but US dropped more bombs on North Korea than on Japan or Germany in WWII. US decided to kill as many Koreans as possible to clear the way for US troops. Also, US had lots of weapon stockpile left over from WWII, and the war industry decided Korea as a convenient place to dump them.
It had no concern for men, women, and children.
So, what happened was clearly genocide. Jews make a big deal of the Holocaust. But Koreans? They are silent about US holocaust against Koreans. Armenians don't forget their own holocaust at hands of Turks. And Ukrainians don't forget Holodomor carried out by Soviets. But Koreans are silent about the holocaust from the air carried out by the US. These US bombings targeted entire cities and killed as many civilians as possible. These were not acts of war but genocide.

Anyway, one positive outcome of US advance up north was hope for unification. But then, China panicked and got read to for. Mao feared that once US takes Korea, it will work with Taiwan to wage war on China. So, China entered the War. US had also brought along lots of UN nations. So, in effect, Korean War became like a mini-WWIII where all the hellfire was concentrated on a tiny peninsula.
This all happened because the US divided Korea and gave half to Stalin(like Hitler divided Poland and gave half to Stalin). And then, US carried out some of the worst war crimes in any century by willfully targeting civilians and possibly killing over a million of them through air campaigns of total destruction. (US would also divide Vietnam, foment a war there, and then kill millions and bring along South Korea as collaborator to kill, rape, and destroy Vietnam too).

Now, let's look back a bit. Initially, the US and Japan worked jointly to divide Asia. US honored Japan's takeover of Korea, and Japan honored America's takeover of Philippines. They were in the process of cutting up Asia like a cake. So, US never had good intentions toward Korea. It was the War of Empires between US and Japan that made the US an accidental 'liberator' of Korea. And what was the American idea of liberating Korea? Divide it in half and let Stalin have the north. (How is dividing an innocent not a great crime against humanity?)
And then, the trick was to work with Rhee, US puppet, to wipe out all opposition and install a pro-American regime. The division of Korea was not like the division of Germany. Germany started WWII. It was the main aggressor. In contrast, Korea was a colony of Japan and hadn't done anything to deserve such a fate. But US kept Japan whole and divided Korea. Korea got punished even though it didn't do anything wrong. If anything, it had been a victim-nation of Japan. US never acknowledged its role in this very great crime. It never apologized. Likewise, it never apologized to Palestinians about what happened with Nakba. Palestine got divided around the same time, triggering a war in which Jews ethnically cleansed most Palestinians and took over all of Palestine and named it 'Israel'.

If US won't face up to its historical responsibility, then Koreans should forge a narrative that honestly addresses history. But there is silence and cowardice among Koreans. Korean elites and Korean-American elites are all mum, timid, and obedient. They should be the ones to morally pressure the US to come clean about its role in Korea. They should say North Korea exists only because of US policy of colluding with USSR to divide Korea. They should say the US committed holocaust against Koreans in bombings that went far beyond military objectives. Also, the US has been sexually colonizing Korea. More than 1/2 million Korean women have been taken so that their wombs can produce babies for white men, black men, Jewish men. The US attitude is "Your women are ours. They exist to have the babies of us superior men." And this mindset is now institutionalized among Koreans. Korean fathers take their daughters to the West and offer them to non-Korean men in exchange for bigger houses and cars. And Korean women, seeing their men as inferior, all dream of going to the West to produce babies for superior white, Jewish, or black men. Koreans are wanna-be-whites. Their minds have been colonized to hate and despise their own race. Korea is plastic surgery capital. It is trans-racial because Koreans hate being Asian and want to look white and want to have white-looking babies. Americans see South Korea as one big Saigon during the Vietnam War. Saigon was where US troops swaggered around as masters and colonized Vietnamese wombs by the 100,000s. And Vietnamese women went with American men as superior conquerors.
In the past, Koreans tried to maintain their identity, culture, and pride. All of that is gone. Koreans are now shameless in their transracial fantasies of being white or black. And Korean women would rather offer their wombs to Jewish men or white men than to their own men to produce Korean kids who will grow up to be patriots.
And Jewish men say Korean women put out to them because if they don't(and try to preserve their identity and ethnicity), they are like 'nazis'. "Your women are our women" is the motto of the American womb-colonizers. American men look upon Koreans the way Spanish Conquistador looked upon native women of South America. Wombs to colonize with 'superior seed'. Now, Jews would be pissed if Korean men treated Israeli-Jewish women the same way, but Jews feel that Koreans exist just to put out to Jews, whites, and blacks. Koreans and Korean-ness have no value and worth in and of themselves. They have value insofar as they're useful to Jews, whites, and blacks. And South Koreans, having gone global, now think and feel this way.
This race-mixing is billed as 'anti-racist', but it is totally about racial supremacism. Jewish, white, and black men expect Korean women to be 'easy' because they themselves feel superior in manhood to smaller Korean men. Also, the reason why so many Korean women go with non-Korean men is because they feel that men of other races are superior. It's no accident that the leading feminist group in South Korea mocks and ridicules Korean men for having smaller penises. This is the kind of thing that globalists push on Korea. Globalists encourage Korean women to become feminist and mock and reject Korean men for having smaller penises than other races. Just like globalists push Pussy Riot and homo-supremacism on Russia, it pushes this kind of anti-Korean vitriol on Korea in the guise of 'human rights' and 'justice'. Korean feminists are a disingenuous bunch. Their real reason for hating and despising Korean men is because they see Korean men as racially-sexually inferior to other men. So their real desire is to emigrate to find better men. Also, K-pop has made young Korean women extremely narcissistic, and they want the best of everything. Since they can't have the man of their dreams(seen in Hollywood movies), they cook up excuses to hate Korean men. They complain about 'inequality' but they are really obsessed about 'superiority'. They hate Korean men because they are seen as inferior by global standards.
Globalists know this, and this is why they push this kind of feminism on Korea. It divides Korean men from Korean women just like Korea was divided between north and south. Once, Korean women are divided from Korean men, it's even easier for Western men to take Korean women. Globalists find news way to play divide-and-conquer among Koreans. They divided Korea geographically, pitting north vs south. They pit Korean women against Korean men. They also pit Korean youths against Korean elders. Globalists encourage young Korean women to abandon social morals and act like Miley Cyrus, Lena Dunham, and Korean imitators of trashy globalist culture.
Also, the huge rise in Korean-American community means that globalists expect Korea to imitate Korean-America. What is Korean-America? It is about majority of Korean women rejecting Korean men as inferior and offering wombs to non-Korean men. It means Koreans imitating trashy American culture like tattoos and piercing. It means Koreans trying to act 'black' and favor black causes/identity over Asian ones. It means Koreans worshiping homosexuals since it's now the American Way. It means Koreans showing zero interest in real Korean history, culture, and etc. And it means Korean-Americans taking their brand of Korean-Americanism and pushing it on Korea. So, Korea should become a copy of Korean-American which is an imitative dog of globalist America controlled by Jews and homosexuals.

Koreans must be like Jews in one respect. They must define and shape their own narrative. Jews tell their own stories and insist on others to respect the Jewish narrative. So, the world sees history from the Jewish perspective.
In contrast, Koreans have not come up with their own narrative of Korean history. Instead, they rely on the US to control the Narrative. The US narratives morally favors the US, and it puts Korea at a moral disadvantage. It goes as follows: Evil imperialist Japan invaded and ruled over poor Korea. We Americans were shocked by Japanese aggression. So, we fought Japan and we liberated Korea. But Soviets took half. And later, evil communist North tried to invade the South, and we noble Americans saved the South from the evil north. And it is because of our protection that South Korea became a rich democracy. Also, US has allowed in lots of Korean immigration and Koreans have succeeded so much in the US, etc.

There is some truth to this narrative, but all narratives are selective and leave out crucial details.

A Korean counter-narrative must mention the following. US and UK arrived in East Asia as imperialists. They forced Asia open. When Japanese embarked on modernization and then took over parts of Asia, US and UK gave full approval. So, US was an imperialist power too in Asia. And if anything, Japan learned imperialism from the US and UK. Also, for most of Japanese colonialism in Korea, the US was mostly supportive and even heaped praise on Japan. The US-Japan clash was not about high-minded principles but about clash of empires. US won the war, but it had no real concern for Korea. If the US really cared, it would have insisted on Koreans deciding their own future once Japan was defeated. US offered no such hope to Koreans. Instead, US asked USSR to take Korea, and then decided to cut the nation in half. This laid the grounds for the Korean War, largely triggered by the US declaring that it won't lift a finger to defend South Korea. The war was a total catastrophe for Koreans. Millions of Koreans died just because US played superpower chess game with USSR.
Germany and Japan got smashed for their wars of aggression. In contrast, Korea got smashed even worse for no crime of its own. Also, neither South nor North got to choose its own leaders. Kim in North was imposed by Stalin. And Rhee in South was handpicked and imposed by the US. And US saw North Korea as convenient dumping grounds for all the surplus stockpiles of weapon from WWII. It was a huge boon the military-industrial complex built by FDR in WWII. As a result, countless Korean men, women, and children were killed by bomb blasts, shrapnel, and napalm.
This is what happened, but US pushes a narrative of itself a friendly and selfless defender of South Korea from evil communist North Korea. It's true that the Kim regime installed by Stalin was rotten. But was it wrong for Kim to want to unite Korea? Rhee wanted to invade the north and unite Korea too. Neither man was a saint, but both were patriotic enough to want a unified Korea. But they both fell into a trap. As puppets of superpowers, they failed to see that they were like two dogs of same family being goaded to slaughter one another.
It was from this catastrophe that the division of North and South became even more hardened.
And yet, the US pushes this bogus narrative of itself as a protecting angel of these poor helpless South Koreans. US actions led to the creation of North Korea, but US flatters itself as the defender of South Korea against North Korea. It's like a man setting a wolf loose to frighten people and then playing role of protector against the wolf. It's like a man setting fire to your house and then playing the role of hero to save you from the fire.

This is why it is up to Koreans to come up with their own narrative. It must begin with the fact that there was no liberation. Korea is still under occupation. True liberation comes only with unification of Korea and removal of US military occupation.

Now, it's true that North Korea has a rotten regime. So, it will take time for things to change. But the current tensions are most unnecessary and uncalled for. Keep in mind both Russia and China, former enemies of South Korea, have friendly ties with South Korea and with North Korea. It is the US that is holding out in making peace with North Korea because it wants to keep South Korea as a puppet. US fears that good relations between north and south will boost nationalism and undermine the globalist project of deracinating Koreans into globalists who are to be replaced by 'new Koreans' of massive immigration from other nations. (Globalism says 80% of Koreans should move to other nations and abandon Koreanness. As immigrants to other nations, these Koreans will just be imitation-whites, imitation-blacks, and etc. Generally, Korean-American girls will become imitation-whites while Korean-American boys, feeling deficient in manhood, will try to be 'cool' by acting like imitation-blacks. Some will become imitation-Jews and serve as intellectual servants of the Empire, like John Yoo and Harold Koh, servitors of empire as Darrell Hamamoto might characterize them.)

As for North Korea's 'belligerency', it is merely a reaction to the US acting like a rogue nation at the behest of Jewish Zionists. The US war machine has been waging Wars for Israel since the Gulf War. Its Occupation of Saudi Arabia led to blowback of 9/11, and then the US cooked up more reasons, mostly lies, to destroy Iraq and Libya. US makes much noise about 'human rights' but works with abysmal Saudi Arabia to arm and fund Jihadi terrorists in Syria in a war that cost 400,000 people. Thomas Friedman of NYT says US should let ISIS destroy and undermine secular modernizer Assad. And speaking of human rights, US says nothing about the ongoing theft of land in West Bank by Zionists. US praises Israel no matter how what Israel does. US also says nothing about 300 nuclear warheads in Israel. But, at the behest of Jews, it throws crazy tantrums about Iran, a nation with no nuclear bombs. US is totally hypocritical, indeed sociopathic.
Also, the ONLY reason why the US is concerned with North Korean missiles and nukes is because North Korea has ties with Iran and other 'enemies of Israel'. So, it's a Jewish thing. It's true North Korea is a terrible place for human rights, but then, so is Saudi Arabia, but US is silent about Saudi abuses despite the fact that 9/11 was carried out by terrorists radicalized by Saudis. Also, Zionists created Israel by ethnically cleansing 700,000 Palestinians, but Americans don't give a shit about that massive abuse of human rights. So, 'human rights' is just something that the US weaponizes and employs selectively to push certain agendas. It was the same in the past. When US and Japan had friendly relations prior to WWII, the US never complained about Japanese imperialism in Korea and Manchuria. If anything, there was much praise for Japanese role in Korea. Back then, the US narrative was "honorary-white-Japanese are civilizing those barbaric Koreans." Today, the US has a similar narrative: "Jewish Zionists have a right to rule over those savage barbarian Palestinian 'muzzies'."

Anyway, we know North Korea got its nukes because of US aggression and belligerency. As US cooked up lies to invade Iraq, it called out North Korea as 'axis of evil'. US meant North Korea, along with Iran, could be next. Naturally, North Korea sped up its nuclear program. People thought Obama would be better than Bush, but he manufactured lies to destroy Libya despite the fact that Gaddafi had made peace with the West. All the more reason for North Korea to be alarmed and find ways to defend itself. (Furthermore, given US holocaust in North Koreans in the Korean War, another US mass killing of North Koreans would be impossible to stomach. It'd be like Germans killing millions of more Jews.) US also fomented a coup in Ukraine and even worked with Neo-Nazis to topple the Kiev government. And US also indirectly aided ISIS and Alqaeda in Syria. Meanwhile in South Korea, US insisted on US and SK carrying out joint exercises preparing for possible invasion of North Korea. Is it any wonder that the NK regime grew even more paranoid and recalcitrant? But the US ignores all these facts and pretends to be the good guy at odds with North Korea as 'rogue nation'. What chutzpah.

But the most pathetic thing is that South Korean elites and Korean-American elites are both totally silent about this. They never come up with their OWN NARRATIVE on the Korean War and its aftermath. They don't speak out against US aggression and war crimes that made North Korean regime even more hostile. No, they just look over their shoulders at the US as their master. And they just go along with the Narrative cooked up by the US that is now controlled by Zionists whose Wars for Israel in the Middle East have destroyed so many lives.

In a way, what the US is doing in the Middle East today is as loathsome as what it did to Korea.
Back in 1945, the US created the very conditions that led to division of Korea and the terrible war. But US denied all moral responsibility and only portrayed itself as noble defender of South Korea. The white knight protecting the Korean damsel in distress who, for the favors of Uncle Sam, should offer her vagina and womb to America.
In today's Middle East, most of the recent chaos are the result of US meddling, war-mongering, bombings, and invasions. But US ignores its acts of aggression and plays the role of 'humanitarian' by pretending to care about 'refugees'. But why do those refugees exist in the first place? Because of US strategy in the Middle East as devised by Zionists. US destroys an entire world, creates lots of refugees, and then pretends to care for those refugees. US doesn't apologize for having created the refugees in the first place.

As long as Koreans remain dog-like and servile in their mentality, they will never forge their own narrative, their own story, and their own perspective. They will always rely on others. Its mindset will be that of dog of the US. It will feel morally inferior and indebted to the US instead of having the moral courage to speak the truth to the US and make demands.
As long as Koreans have dog-like mentality, they will just follow and imitate the US way without any critical faculty. It will act on the premise that everything in the US is better and that Korea exists only to be judged, criticized, and pressured to imitate the US in every way.

So, the question remains... Do Koreans want to be truly free, independent, autonomous, and create their own Narrative... or do Koreans want to be imitative, slavish, and obedient and follow the US narrative and ideology on everything?

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  1. This is a great counter-narrative but you only have about half of it right. We must also discuss the Korean War in the greater context of WWI and WWII revisionism. Because you see, there's even more to the Jews than we realize.

    Not only did the Jews totally dominate the WWII narrative, the Holocaust was completely exaggerated and manipulated. 6 million Jews my ass. The evidence against the Holocaust narrative has me convinced that it's all a big lie. Yes, Jews in concentration camps starved, but that was because Allied bombers cut off supply lines. Zyklon B was used to delouse and address typhoid disease. The "gas chambers" were not built in an efficient way to kill millions of Jews and burn their bodies. There's a documentary by David Cole about this on YouTube, and he's a Jew. The Jews used the Holocaust as propaganda for Israel.

    6 million Jews did not die, but at least 3 million of our people died in the Korean War.

    Not only that, but 80% of the Bolshevists who brought Communism into Russia were Jews. Hitler and German people were well aware of the Bolshevist Jews and associated Jews with Communism. There was a civil war between WWI and WWII in which Communist Jews attempted to take over the government. When you think about these wealthy Jews with lots of financial power screwing over local German people and price-gouging, along with other Jews who were known for Communist revolutionary tendencies, one can see a far more reasonable basis for Hitler's persecution against the Jews.

    Rich powerful Jews/white elites brought America into WWI and WWII to crush Germany and Japan. A Soviet spy, mind you, worked in the White House. America provoked the war against Japan. Who started the Soviet Union but Jews?

    Even more importantly, the Korean War was used to establish the legitimacy of the UN as a world police force, when it is really just a world government. This is another important piece of the conversation to consider. America did the bulk fighting, but the UN provided a bunch of "token" forces from other nations to prove its legitimacy.

    We must become truly free, independent, autonomous, and pursue our own destiny apart from the influence of these foreign imperialists. Soviet, US, or Zionist.

    The question is, what do we do now as redpilled individuals with limited time, resources, and no influence or power?

    Are we just going to be bloggers and online boardroom dwellers?
    Or are we going to start doing shit in the real world?